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Team Marketers is comprised of a motley crew of talentless people, who, through a mixture of clumsy coruscation and perplexed perspicacity, have managed to land themselves with a job description which involves the words ‘marketing’ and ‘blogging’- which, come to think of it, is what they wanted in the first place. While they appreciate any feedback you may have to give, in case of any problems, they will appreciate it if you approach them through an email rather than a lawsuit!

Aditya Rikhari

Aditya is currently pursuing PGDM (2011-2013) from IIM Calcutta. A mechanical engineer from IET DAVV Indore, it’s marketing which keeps him going. A Hindi poet, he has written a number of poems over many years. In his free time he either likes to be alone and think hard or hang out with buddies and not think at all. An Indori at heart, he feels that Pohe is the best food ever and would want to market it someday. He dreams of becoming a Marketing God some day (it is a different thing that he considers him one now 😀 ). He spent his summer of 2012 interning with Cadbury in marketing. He can be reached at

Anand Das

Anand is a student at IIM Calcutta, batch of 2013. He is self proclaimed awesome and believes that an efficient marketing attempt will make the world recognize this. However, ever since he found that most geniuses are acknowledged as such after their death, and offers by many of his “friends” to come closer to this goal, his enthusiasm for gaining this recognition has somewhat waned. If you want to listen to a monologue which can be about almost anything in the world, feel free to reach him at

Aniket Patki Aniket Patki is a student of IIM Calcutta, Batch of 2013. Pre-occupied with his ‘What If’ analysis of the remotest & irrelevant of the possibilities (eg: Indian politicians writing books on ‘campaigns’ , only to be referred by the likes of Kotlers of the world or Axe having Tiger Woods as its brand ambassador) , his interest in marketing stems from the inclination towards advertising. Being the only pharmaceutical sciences graduate in his batch, he considers himself as an endangered species in the land dominated by the engineers. His interests are reading and philately. He can be reached at

Ankur Gupta is a student of IIM Calcutta, Batch of 2013. When not forced to attend classes, he can be found giving ‘fundae’ about life to others or bluffing at poker. He is passionate about travelling, food, cricket and marketing. He likes to keep an opinion about everything and doesn’t mind putting it across. You may reach him at

Haseeb spent half his childhood playing football in the golden sandy, palm fringed beaches of Kerala. Greatly influenced by the adventures of Mowgli, he dreamt of becoming a Thai Mahout. Unfortunately, he is currently pursuing PGDM (2011-13) from IIM Calcutta. He spends his free time watching UFO sightings videos and reading about afterlife and ‘Existential Dilemma’. He firmly believes that Obama is merely illuminati’s pawn to bring about the New World Order. For more weird insights, you can reach him at

Kanishk Arya is a PGDM student at IIM Calcutta, batch of 2011-2013. He’s not completely insane yet but quite ‘dramatic’ to say the least. Photography and blogging are two of his second favorite hobbies but the madness for various TV series don’t usually leave any time for them. He also believes that when it comes to conceptualizing teasers for promotion there’s no one better than him in the industry. You may reach him at

Manoj is a PGDM student at IIM Calcutta, batch of 2013. An avid reader and wannabe funny-blogger, he is seldom accessible because of his extra busy schedule. He wants to represent India in pole vaulting and win a gold medal for the country at the Olympics 2020. He also wants to become the Prime Minister of the country one day and hence, keeps a fast on Monday to be blessed with a Gandhi surname in the next incarnation. After failing the flying test, even though he bribed the Ministry of Aeroplanes, he has taken to Marketing as he thinks he could make people buy his insightful arguments, if not the product.

Nandit Pathak is a PGP student of Marketing at IIM Calcutta. Having been an engineering student at IT-BHU, it is lying sprawled on boat-floors staring at the Banaras night sky that has given him his amazing clarity of thought and vision. A strong believer in the power of cinema, written fiction and every single kind of music, he finds interest in drawing amazing patterns that amaze people. His great vision is to have a world without poverty, mosquitoes and consulting jobs.You can mail this genius at

Natasha Bahuguna is a student at IIM Calcutta, batch of 2013. She wants to try her hand at everything from photography to pottery, and has eclectic tastes in movies, music and books. Her brilliance is often mistaken for eccentricity and her penchant for random talk is widely known. An amateur guitarist-poet-writer-artist-connoisseur-of-all-things-creative, she’s amateur-everything, and often wonders about poignant philosophical questions like how birds commit suicide, and whether fish can drown. Her biggest achievement so far, has been to finish Mrs. Dalloway on her first try. Her mission is to one day get to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe and if you’d like to hitch a ride to the galaxy, you can reach her at

Rahul Kishore Singh, At any give time you can find him dabbling with multiple things. He enjoys doing a range of things, right from gaming to photgraphy, from following sports to practicing shooting, but nothing excites him as much as marketing does!!He can be reached at

Sajith is a PGDM student at IIM Calcutta, batch of 2013. A photographer and writer wannabe, he seldom tries either. In fact it was him who advised the Joker not to do stuff for free. For reasons beyond his grasp, Sajith is not affected by cricket or music. Filthy rich, handsome and soft spoken, he travels hundreds of kilometers to find sea bridges and deserted beaches so he can read his favorites Chandamama and Chekhov. You can reach him at

The site owes its existence to two teams at IIM Calcutta, Team Intaglio and Marcell, which provided the site with all possible resources at the start.

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