• Using Social Media For Marketing Your Business


    Businesses are working hard to maintain their online presence to attract customers. People look up to the Facebook pages and Twitter handles to follow the company and get updates. These online social media pages could act as a great marketing tool if used correctly. It is estimated that about 90% of American youngsters use social media. Therefore, this creates a strong customer base. 50% of customers look up for the product on social media and check out customer reviews before buying it. Social media acts as a tool that helps businesses to attract potential customers and also inform the customers about any product promotions or interact with the customer for the purpose of marketing your company. Any business such as fashion, interior design, food or groceries has their own Facebook pages. There are many interior design companies in Doha. You can create a social media page to differentiate yours from the other companies. You can also research ideas on www.creativebloq.com

    To get started, one has to choose the right social media platform, create a page for your business with all the details and then slowly move towards other sites as well. The first step would be learning the basic operations and then one can learn specifics to follow a certain marketing plan. This can sometimes be time-consuming. Social media focuses on bridging the gap between a company and its customers. People look to interact with the company and get more information. It will be great to hire a team of social media marketing experts who can handle the social media pages for the company. Here are certain tips that you can use when you start your social media pages or handles.

    Let Your Pictures Do The Talking
    While using social media for business, one of the important tools that will attract more customers to like your page and follow it is the photographs that are posted. An interior design company can post some photographs of what your designs look like. You could also post pictures of the way a house looked before your team started working on it and what is the result after completing the interior design process. Images speak to the customers in terms of the quality work you are doing, your working style and the niche skill set your team has without any explanation. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram are places where lots of photos are being posted. Having an account and connecting with like-minded people will definitely help in expanding your customer base. People also feel connected to the designer on a personal level which improves the possibility of getting more business.


    Posting Video Content
    After Google, YouTube is the next platform where people search for information. Therefore, you can show videos about how your team works in real time and the discussions they have with the customer while doing so. Another good idea would be to post tips for decorating homes and some DIY decorations that are simple to do. You could speak on the video and explain what kind of enhancements your team has brought into a home and how they are beneficial at the same time beautiful. Post some behind the scenes videos of the project you are working on. Viewers get wowed by these videos and pictures that they understand completely what your company can do.
    Open A Facebook Page
    Many interior designers target only the customers instead of some potential business clients. While using Facebook, there are different groups that might have a pool of customers who are willing to invest in improving the appeal of their residences. The team can target these customers and post images and videos. In the Facebook page itself, one can post about social media presence in other sites as well. All this helps the companies in reaching large consumer base with minimal marketing cost. Users will also write about their experience in using your services which can help in building trust with new customers.

    Hold Promotional Contests
    Having these social media sites, one can plan on some small contests to promote your page and attract customers. Prizes for winning the contests could be a free design or decoration of one of the rooms or offer a gift in terms of money. Either ways it will definitely attract attention and get more people to like and follow your social media pages. The designs that the contestants have made can also be accepted by the company at a small price and then used for designing other homes based on it.

    Create Appealing Ads
    Advertisements go a long way in reaching out to customers. Once an advertisement is created, it can be posted to the social media pages where customers can watch them. Advertising on the right websites is very important. Facebook allows the companies to create ads that can be posted on the social media pages. If the advertisements reach people in the right manner, it becomes viral and that attracts many customers.

    Therefore, choose social media for marketing your company at a low cost.

  • Marketing for Tomorrow: Social Media Marketing


    Abhirup Ganguly and Tanvi Saraf, both 1st year students at IIM Bangalore, are hereby declared as the 1st runners up at Marketique, the marketing article writing competition at IIM Calcutta’s international B-school meet, Intaglio ‘10. Following is their prize winning article on social media marketing.


    What do you do when you are faced with the seemingly impossible job of creating visibility for a tiny brand on a shoestring budget and you are promoting something as unexciting as a blender? Here’s an idea: Take $50, use it to purchase a rotisserie chicken, Coke, a bag of marbles, golf balls and a URL. Then, turn on the video recorder and ask your CEO to engage in extreme blending wherein he blends marbles, golf-balls, chicken and Coke to show off the power of his blender. Upload this video on your URL and within days, clips of the CEO’s extreme blending exploits will pop-up in Youtube and your brand will get instant fame – all for $50. This is the story of BlendTec, a Utah-based blender’s successful viral marketing campaign.
    This is just one among the numerous colourful examples of the ways marketers are harnessing the power of social media marketing.

    Recent Developments in Social Media Marketing

    If Facebook was a country, with its over 200 million users, it would be the 5th largest in the world! When Facebook opened its network to external developers in May 2007, it allowed marketers to access millions of customers who were unreceptive to traditional marketing communication. This marked the beginning of numerous social media marketing innovations. Other common social media marketing tools include Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, Flickr and YouTube.

    According to a 2009 survey, a company’s spend on social media marketing averages around 3.5% of its total marketing budget. This figure is predicted to grow to 6.1% within a year and to 13.7% within five years.

    In this article, we explore various facets of social media marketing and find out what sets it apart from other traditional marketing methods.

    Through the lens of Social Psychology – The Third Person Effect

    Sears has a unique strategy for generating word-of-mouth publicity through female Facebook users. Instead of naively pursuing each user on its own, it asks women to ‘help others choose their prom dresses’. Sears has correctly identified the implications of the “Third-person effect”. Numerous social psychology studies have demonstrated that we consider other people to be more influenced by media than us. This effect is particularly strong in the context of social-networking websites. Hence Facebook users believe that they can help others, who they believe to be more gullible to aggressive marketing communication, by recommending brands they personally believe in. These and other such behavioral tendencies of consumers can be exploited by social media marketers by careful planning of their campaigns.

    Transcending Beyond Reality

    MARKETING FOR TOMORROW: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGNokia has initiated a very successful Facebook marketing campaign called “Somebody Else’s Phone” which is a flash micro-site that allows one to look into the phone of a hero named Luca. The idea is as follows: by exploring somebody else’s phone (text messages, address book, music stored, etc) one can tell a lot about the person and his way of life. Users can then ask Luca questions through his fanpage to gauge if they have understood him correctly.

    Nokia’s campaign satisfies a very basic human craving – the urge to peek into other people’s lives. The internet can prove to be extremely liberating for it allows us to indulge in our otherwise difficult to satisfy needs from behind a shroud of anonymity. Nokia’s initiative shows how marketers can satisfy otherwise elusive human emotional needs by using internet technology.

    Social Media Marketing versus Traditional Marketing

    Social media marketing scores over other traditional methods in several ways:

    Viral Nature: The growth of social media campaigns snowballs very quickly as consumers transmit messages to a large number of their friends. For Example, Harley-Davidson accrued 145,904 fans on Facebook through creation of a fan page within a period of just 10 months.
    Focused and Targeted Growth: The rise in fan base achieved by Harley-Davidson was purely through organic growth, without any promotional pushes. Such growth helps companies to reach out to like-minded people and approach them in a targeted way, to fish where the fish are, so to speak.
    Voice of the Customer: One of the greatest advantages for social media is that it is driven by the customer. If Harley-Davidson posts a question, such as, ‘Are you in favor of darkening the bike out or like it in shiny chrome?’, it is not unusual to receive 300 to 500 comments. Social Media marketing helps companies to intercept what consumers are saying about its brands outside its walls.
    Harnessing Influential Personalities: Traditional marketing often uses celebrity influence to further their brands. Nowadays, bloggers and site owners also enjoy substantial power to influence opinions. Social media marketing helps in harnessing their support and promotion economically. HP used this influence to their advantage by providing 31 HP laptops to bloggers to create their own unique contests, winners of which would receive the HP laptops. The HP model being promoted garnered a 84% increase in sales.
    Economics: The total cost of the HP promotion was primarily of the systems, amounting to $ 250,000. The economics of social media initiatives usually compares very favourably with traditional marketing methods producing similar benefits.

    Social media marketing offers an unique opportunity to marketeers to achieve marketing success by making best use of its viral and focused nature. The trick to perform well in this game is to understand the forces that guide human interaction and creating innovative campaigns to harness these forces.

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