• Internet marketing Strategies for Spas in Chennai

    Spa-in-Chandigarh-1In ancient times, a spa meant seeking baths in waters with medicinal or healing properties. With advances in cosmetic treatments and medical treatments, both diverged at some point of time, and nowadays spa often refers to luxurious body massages usually indulging the senses of smell, sound and delivering complete pleasure and relaxation. The cosmetic industry mostly targets women to pamper themselves with such luxury, and why not? Whether a woman is a homemaker or someone who has a career, both put in so much effort in keeping the home together and taking care of everybody around her. She surely deserves a spa treatment once in a while to rejuvenate herself.

    Ladies in Chennai have been known to be mostly employed. Being a metro city, it sure has its benefits. People in metros tend to be more updated about technology and changing trends due to their vast exposure. The spa industry should be able to flourish with the right kind of network and advertising strategies.

    It is more likely that the younger generation will respond to new experiences like a spa massage in Chennai. Chennai being a multifaceted crowd also has the conservative ones who may not be very comfortable with exposing skin to have it oiled and pampered. Worldwide spa treatment differs widely and encompasses every possible kind. Learning from Indian ayurvedic techniques, Chinese and Southeast Asian culture, the Thai massage is one which is a dry massage, which is without the application of oils. Thai massage in Chennai would be a great stress buster for the conservative type of woman as it does not require undressing.

    Classical methods of advertising by pamphlets, brochures, newspapers, television and radio although still effective, have major setbacks even while being the expensive form of advertising. Brochures and newspaper ads need to use imagery and words with utmost efficiency because of space limitation. Television ads cannot be as lengthy as serials and only a limited amount of information can be passed on. With modern technology at their fingertips, a majority of the crowd seeks all sorts of information from the internet.

    Essentials of advertising a spa:

    Visibility: Being located in a busy area is the easiest way of gaining the attention of potential customers. Shopping areas and malls are ideal locations of spa centres. Spaces in such areas can be quite expensive but are better investments than being located in a lesser known area.

    Announce your presence: Pamphlet with newspaper is a great way of letting people in town know of the startup of a business. Announce your inauguration day and special offers in a limited time period are sure to catch attention. Distribute pamphlets to boutiques, cloth stores, cosmetic stores and cosmetic clinics for circulation. You could also find beauty parlours to promote the spa.

    300x300xwellness-285590_1920.resized.jpg,qitok=ibQR-anN.pagespeed.ic.WgkV_OqxyOWebsite: Create a well-strategized website. There are many things to look at when creating your website. It must be informative and most of all eye-catching. Use a colour scheme that suggests luxury and relaxation. Use images of women relaxing and indulging themselves in oils, aroma, baths, flowers and fragrant soaps. List out what you have to offer to your potential client, and while you list out, compliment each listing with suitable pictures, a short description of the procedure and its benefits. Encourage queries. Research on best suitable keywords for your website according to location and the clientele that you are focussing on. Plan and execute well so that your website does not get lost among the umpteen websites already present. On your website allow for registration or sign up, booking of appointments and update your clients on latest offers from time to time. Stay active and don’t doze away. Send automated emails to clients about offers or just beauty tips to keep them engaged, periodically.

    Make note of queries: People who find your website are most likely to call you before dropping in for a session. Be prepared, employ a well acquainted and cheerful person to deal with queries and appointment booking, no one wants to start on a relaxation mode after chatting with a grumpy voice. As you attend the call, keep a diary to make note of queries, this will greatly help you find the right keywords for the website and also find the very best topics to write about in your blog.

    Spa Centre: After all the advertising, let not your spa be a disappointment when visited if you want your clients to return with friends. Interior design the spa to allow for privacy and respect your client’s space. Keep the place hygienic, pleasing the eyes, appealing to the senses with a mild aroma and soft music. Overall let the experience be a whole and relaxing experience for the client so that they keep talking about it to no end to their friends and family. Well, that surely will get you more clients. Speak to your clients, know their preferences, get to know them better while allowing them their personal space.

    Effective offers: Announce and email offers on an occasional basis. Have special offers for brides to be, their entourage, be sure to specify the number. Have seasonal offers, these are times when women seek to look their very best and are sure to splurge themselves in luxury. Have offers for friends or friend packages where you can allow for a (limited number) group of friends. Always have gift packages, which are sure to strike well with the crowd. People are always wondering about suitable wedding or wedding anniversary gifts and birthday gifts, include these in your gift packages.

  • Using Social Media For Marketing Your Business


    Businesses are working hard to maintain their online presence to attract customers. People look up to the Facebook pages and Twitter handles to follow the company and get updates. These online social media pages could act as a great marketing tool if used correctly. It is estimated that about 90% of American youngsters use social media. Therefore, this creates a strong customer base. 50% of customers look up for the product on social media and check out customer reviews before buying it. Social media acts as a tool that helps businesses to attract potential customers and also inform the customers about any product promotions or interact with the customer for the purpose of marketing your company. Any business such as fashion, interior design, food or groceries has their own Facebook pages. There are many interior design companies in Doha. You can create a social media page to differentiate yours from the other companies.

    To get started, one has to choose the right social media platform, create a page for your business with all the details and then slowly move towards other sites as well. The first step would be learning the basic operations and then one can learn specifics to follow a certain marketing plan. This can sometimes be time-consuming. Social media focuses on bridging the gap between a company and its customers. People look to interact with the company and get more information. It will be great to hire a team of social media marketing experts who can handle the social media pages for the company. Here are certain tips that you can use when you start your social media pages or handles.

    Let Your Pictures Do The Talking
    While using social media for business, one of the important tools that will attract more customers to like your page and follow it is the photographs that are posted. An interior design company can post some photographs of what your designs look like. You could also post pictures of the way a house looked before your team started working on it and what is the result after completing the interior design process. Images speak to the customers in terms of the quality work you are doing, your working style and the niche skill set your team has without any explanation. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram are places where lots of photos are being posted. Having an account and connecting with like-minded people will definitely help in expanding your customer base. People also feel connected to the designer on a personal level which improves the possibility of getting more business.


    Posting Video Content
    After Google, YouTube is the next platform where people search for information. Therefore, you can show videos about how your team works in real time and the discussions they have with the customer while doing so. Another good idea would be to post tips for decorating homes and some DIY decorations that are simple to do. You could speak on the video and explain what kind of enhancements your team has brought into a home and how they are beneficial at the same time beautiful. Post some behind the scenes videos of the project you are working on. Viewers get wowed by these videos and pictures that they understand completely what your company can do.
    Open A Facebook Page
    Many interior designers target only the customers instead of some potential business clients. While using Facebook, there are different groups that might have a pool of customers who are willing to invest in improving the appeal of their residences. The team can target these customers and post images and videos. In the Facebook page itself, one can post about social media presence in other sites as well. All this helps the companies in reaching large consumer base with minimal marketing cost. Users will also write about their experience in using your services which can help in building trust with new customers.

    Hold Promotional Contests
    Having these social media sites, one can plan on some small contests to promote your page and attract customers. Prizes for winning the contests could be a free design or decoration of one of the rooms or offer a gift in terms of money. Either ways it will definitely attract attention and get more people to like and follow your social media pages. The designs that the contestants have made can also be accepted by the company at a small price and then used for designing other homes based on it.

    Create Appealing Ads
    Advertisements go a long way in reaching out to customers. Once an advertisement is created, it can be posted to the social media pages where customers can watch them. Advertising on the right websites is very important. Facebook allows the companies to create ads that can be posted on the social media pages. If the advertisements reach people in the right manner, it becomes viral and that attracts many customers.

    Therefore, choose social media for marketing your company at a low cost.

  • Campaign Extension- Wasting Jaago Re

    CAMPAIGN EXTENSION- WASTING JAAGO RENearly everybody fell in love with the Jaago Re campaign of Tata Tea. The campaign showed simple aspects of our daily life, highlighted on how we have forgotten our basic duties as citizens of India, and urged the audience to ‘wake up’. These set of ads stood out of the crowd, who mostly focused on the functional aspect of tea. There have been some attempts by other players to build emotional associations; one that comes to mind is by ‘Bagh Bakri’ Tea, which claims to revive family ties. However, they seem to be either too farfetched, or too lame to create any major impact. Waking up, in a literal sense is deeply associated with tea. The campaign Jaago Re, very smartly leveraged that connect, and took it to a whole new level of social responsibility.

    By picking up issues so close to the averages consumer’s average day, Tata Tea was able to connect with the audience, and by bringing in an emotional angle to the whole experience of tea, the campaign was hugely successful. Here is one of the ads from that campaign.


    Tata Tea tried leveraging the same concept of ‘waking up’ to sell its latest offering, Tata Tea Premium, whose core differentiator seems to be the ‘balance of the large & small leaves’, which gives the optimum taste, smell etc. Here is the TVC.


    While watching the ad for the first time on TV, based on the setting of the ad, I was able to guess that it’s another one from the Jaago Re campaign, and was looking forward to the climax. However, as one can see, it was a big letdown. They tried to marry the goodwill created by the emotional appeal of the existing campaign to the functional communication required for the new product. I believe this is terribly wrong, as now Tata Tea is doing what any xyz brand is also doing, talking about the functional benefits. Yes, there might well be some extensive consumer research which may have showed that tea drinkers want to have a ‘balance of large & small tea leaves’… but then, that should have been communicated with a different campaign.

    Thinking about it now, it just struck me whether there is something called ‘Campaign Extension’. Just like brand extension, where one decides to launch a new product under an existing brand name, a marketer decides to launch another advertisement under an existing campaign. It is not very difficult to relate the two based on the benefits & risks associated with both.

    CAMPAIGN EXTENSION- WASTING JAAGO REMajor benefits of brand extension include leveraging existing brand’s equity to gain trust, cost saving & continuing on a trusted formula (in terms of brand elements). The biggest risk of brand extension is the fit between the new product, its target segment, usage behaviour etc with the existing brand. Similar is the case with ‘campaign extension’. Where brand extension leverages the tried & tested branding formula, a campaign extension benefits from the tried & tested campaign formula. Where brand extension helps build trust among the consumers, campaign extension ensures that people would be interested in viewing the campaign (as happened with me in the above mentioned case of Tata Tea Premium; as would have happened with you in several Fevicol ads). These were the benefits. The risk of mismatch between the product & brand is, if not more, equally high in case of campaign extension; just that it becomes the case of mismatch between communication idea and campaign theme in case of campaign extension. This is where an emotional campaign should not be used to communicate functional benefits of a product.

    A really successful example- Airtel. Airtel has always had more than one campaign going on air simultaneously. While one campaign would be aimed at brand building, the other one’s purpose is to communicate the functional aspect, schemes etc. Corresponding to the two different communications, the theme of the two campaigns is different. While there have been some AR Rehman ads (and some others shown below) high on emotional appeal, there have been others, especially the Madhavan – Vidya Balan series focusing completely on the functional benefits being offered.





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